Press Release re: Adam Laxalt
Updated On: Nov 29, 2018

**For Immediate Release**

October 6, 2018

Richard McCann, Executive Director, NAPSO E-mail:
Cell: (702) 595-0683

Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers
Releases Statement Urging Adam Laxalt to Provide Details About Criminal Past

Today, the executive director of the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers, RichardMcCann, released the following statement regarding recent reporting on Adam Laxalt’s assaultof a law enforcement officer:

“The latest news about Adam Laxalt’s arrest history is extremely disturbing to Nevada’s lawenforcement community. Mr. Laxalt has admitted that he assaulted a police officer as a younger man. When someone has a history of violence, especially toward officers of the law, it should bea concern for anyone around them. This holds especially true for Nevada’s ‘Top Cop’ who now wants a promotion to Governor.

“You can’t claim to be ‘tough on crime’ if you don’t respect our country’s hardworking womenand men of law enforcement. The fact that this encounter was many years ago does not insulateit from a thorough review. You can’t be trusted to serve in our state’s highest office if you havepurposely hidden disturbing details of a violent past that might reveal your true character. Any alleged violent act committed against a law enforcement officer is cause for alarm and a full inquiry.

For these reasons, the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers calls on Adam Laxalt to release all documents related to these allegations, including the purported 36 additional pages in his police record from his home state of Virginia.

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