2017 Legislative Bills
Updated On: Apr 03, 2017


April 3, 2017


Today is day 57 of the 120 day session.  Below are a few bills that we have been following.

Assembly Bill 302 – This is a highly contested bill that looks to place State Parole and Probation under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections.  Rick and I are meeting with committee Chairman Steve Yeager this coming Wednesday.  We are attempting to determine who is pushing the bill and what are the factors driving forward.  In the mean time I would ask that all of you from Parole and Probation along with Corrections, put your ideas together weather you support or oppose this bill.  Sending in your input to the bill sponsors is strongly recommended. 

Assembly Bill 403 – Again this is the bill that addresses pay increases for NHP troopers thru the State Highway Fund and State General Fund.  The bill is sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford and Senator Mark Manendo.  Rick and I met with Senator Mark Manendo last week and we are meeting with Senator Aaron Ford this afternoon, to discuss whether the detachment of NHP from all other agencies within the 1300 series is a realistic process to enact this bill.  Traditionally the 1300 series allows all agencies within its structure to procure raises as a whole not as standalone entities.  I hope we can get more information for you on this.

Senate Bill 486 – This bill would allow state employees, including law enforcement to have collective bargaining.  The Bill comes out of the Senate Committee on Government Affairs.  As to date no hearing has been scheduled.

Senate Bill 282 – This bill if passed, would dismiss a disciplinary case against a law enforcement officer if the employer violates the officer’s NRS. 289 rights.  Additionally, it would require the employer to pay the officer’s attorney’s fees and court costs if the officer should win their case. This bill will be heard on Wednesday April 5, 2017 at 1200 hrs. before the Senate Committee on Government Affairs.  (PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND THIS HEARING IN FAVOR OF THIS BILL) 

Assembly Bill 303 – This bill would require all “core correctional services” in Nevada correctional facilities, to be performed exclusively by state and local employees.  This bill would eliminate the privatization of correctional facilities in Nevada.  NDOC has a large fiscal note attached to this bill. No hearing has been scheduled as of yet.

Senate Bill 465– This bill would permit state employees to elect to have their grievances reviewed by either the Employee Management Committee (EMC) or by an arbitrator selected from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.  Currently, all grievances not dealing with suspension, demotion, or termination must be heard by the EMC.  This process is currently free to the parties.  The cost for an arbitrator would be split between the agency and the employee.  No hearing has yet been scheduled.

Senate Bill 478 – This bill would require any investigation into a state employee’s alleged misconduct to commence within 20 days after the date which the agency becomes aware of the allegations against the employee.  If a suspension, demotion, or termination is in issue, the agency must interview the employee and all potential witnesses.  It would also require that the employee be notified of any allegations prior to the beginning of any investigation.  Additionally the agency would be required to notify the employee of any requested extensions of the 90 day time limit, have the investigation completed and allow the employee the opportunity to receive the investigative file before the pre disciplinary hearing.

Assembly Bill 267 - This bill would make the state liable to pay the attorneys’ fees and costs of any police officer or firefighter who appeals and prevails on a denial of his or her heart-lung claim.  It would strengthen the confidentiality of medical exam reports to influence decisions regarding the employee.  This bill is another that would require a huge presence of supporters !!!

Assembly Bill 341 – This bill is sought to require law enforcement officers and juvenile probation officers, to record each interview with a youth by either video or audio means.  It would also require such records to be provided by the offices to youth’s legal counsel.  This bill would hinder the ability to resolve many if not all misdemeanor cases through a probation officer or police officer as is commonly practiced today.  As you can imagine, Rick and I testified against this bill as did the law enforcement coalition.

Assembly Bill 384 - We testified last Friday on this bill, which provided for the expanded confidentiality regarding a retired employee’s personal information and income. This bill had a great deal of support from the Retired Public Employees of Nevada

IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE:    Rick has asked me to let you all know that we strongly encourage our members to use the legislative website to offer their voices on bills that affect their professional and personal lives.  It has been brought to my attention that some of our members have taken that opportunity to not only support or oppose certain legislation, but they have also been bashing others groups in an effort to tell legislators that they deserve something while other law enforcement agencies do not.  Professional unity in law enforcement and public safety as a whole is critical during any legislative session.  This one is not different.  When Rick and I address legislators on your behalf, the  notion of in fighting destroys our credibility especially when they have already heard from our members in ways that denounce and condemn  each other.  PLEASE, support and be respectful of each other as brothers and sisters of law enforcement.  We are all we have !

Be sure to visit the Nevada Legislative website at www.leg.state.nv.us/  Keep watching for our weekly updates on these bills that affect all of us.  Again if you would like to talk to me about any issues please call me.  775-720-4304

Stay Safe!!

Michael Sean Giurlani


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